About Us

United and Integrated (U & I) is a new Avatar born from the womb of two mother companies viz. the erstwhile Institute of Simplified Hydroponics and Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India Private Limited (HGTIPL)

U & I is a Core Group of 2 Individuals and 5 Companies working together in this Industry of Hydroponics. Their punchline being "Simplified by Synergy".

United & Integrated is a collaboration of 2 individuals and 5 start-up companies in the Agro-technology space

Understands the value of co-creation, teamwork and how that aids each other in making progress

Have agreed to work together in good faith, respecting each other’s strengths and in a spirit of achieving more through synergy.

Its an outfit born not out of competition but the spirit of co-creation.

Under this alliance are Bitmantis Technologies, Harit Krushi, Future Farms, Craft Agro, Precision Farmers with a vision and mission that is driven by passion combined with the love for cutting edge technology.

In its new avatar, it is now United and Integrated and a brainchild of CV Prakash, an ex-Indian Navy Submarine officer, based in Melbourne, Australia, in whose veins.run… the nutrient solution of Soilless Cultivation/Hydroponics. It is U & I's Vision and Mission to see Hydroponics/Soil-less cultivation spread throughout India and the world at large , in an exponential way. Somewhere,deep in our sub-conscious, is an ardent desire, a dream, to feed the world. Our world changed, the day we set out on this arduous journey. Since we understood that success is not any particular destination, we decided to go ahead without it.

Today, we, at U & I , are leaders in this field in India and our hard earned name has transcended international borders.

Come...Explore this amazing Technology of the future..

Let’s work together for the future of the world.

Say it with pride, “Hum Kisan Hain”. Yes , I am a Farmer!